Free your body from gravity

Effects of gravity on the body

Effects of floating on the body

Stress on the body leading to pain and tension
Gravity exerts pressure on to all of our joints. The weight forced down onto our ankles, knees, hips, spine and neck leads to stress and weakening of these areas, making us more susceptible to injury and pain. The continious stress leads to inflammation and conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and strain injuries. 

Increased blood pressure and restricted supply
Because of the continious pull of gravity, our heart has to work harder to pump the blood upwards from our lower body and to our upper body. As a reault, our bodies adopt rigid postures to try and compensate the effects of gravity, however this leads to muscle tension and pain, shallow breathing and high blood pressure.

Uses vital energy to keep our bodies upright
It is estimated that our central nervous system uses up to 90% of its activity to manage the effects of gravity on our bodies; continuously contracting and constricting our muscles just to keep our bodies upright while it resists the relentless pull of gravity. This creates a lot of white noise in the brain that uses up subconscious energy. 
Eliminate tension and pain
During  floating every part of the body is independently supported by the water, which eliminates the load bearing tension between every joint, muscle ligament and tendon. 
When you eliminate the pressure on joints you temporarily reduce the pain caused by arthritis, inflammation, bursitis, tendinitis, sprains, strains and broken bones. 

Reduce blood pressure and increase blood supply
When you eliminate the tension caused by the effects of gravity, blood can circulate into every cell more freely, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients and eliminating toxins and waste material. Blood pressure also reduces as the heart works more efficiently while you float. 

Increase the bodies ability to heal itself
While floating your brain is no longer distracted by sending and receiving messages from your body to maintain your posture and fight the effects of gravity. This increases your bodies capacity for healing as you have an increased focus on niggling areas.  Blood flow to the brain increases and your body and mind achieve a sense of freedom, like you are floating in inner space.