Pre-Float Recommendations:

1. Keep really well hydrated
You should aim to drink at least 2l of water in the days leading up to and after your float. 

While you float your body will absorb the Magnesium and Sulphate from the water through your skin. This draws toxins and lactic acid into your lymphatic system for elimination. Your lymphatic system relies on you drinking plenty of water in order for toxins to be flushed out of your body through your liver and kidneys.

2. Avoid sugar, caffeine and processed food
We recommend avoiding stimulants for as long as you can, but at least 2 hours before your float.

During floating your brain waves slow down to the Theta State. During which your brain releases natural pain relieving and happy endorphins. If you consume stimulants prior to your float it will take longer to get to the Theta state and thus you will not maximise the benefits.

3. Have a light meal 1hr prior
You should avoid having a float on a full stomach as you may feel nauseas. Your digestive system requires your body to be upright to process your food. Even if you lay down on a bed or couch you may feel nauseas if you lay down soon after having a big meal. 

If you float on an empty stomach the felling of hunger may distract you. All external stimuli is eliminated so the hunger will be all that you will focus on.

4. Avoid shaving or waxing on the day of your float. 
The water in our pod contains 600kg of Epsom Salt. If you have small cuts or wounds the water will sting for the first 10-15 minutes of your float making it harder for you to fully let go. 

5. Avoid colouring your hair 1 week prior to your float.
The high concentration of the salt water in our pod may strip the colour from freshly dyed hair. This will not only fade your new hairdo but also taint the colour of the water in the pod. If your colour does not leach when you shampoo it you will not need to worry. 

6. Do not apply fake tan within 1 week before your float.
The high salt concentration will leave your fake tan blotchy and may taint the water in the pod. 

If you smoke:
Try to avoid having a cigarette in the hour before your float. Nicotine is a stimulant and it can delay the relaxation process.
If you wear contact lenses:
You may want to consider bringing your solution with you so that you can remove your contact lenses before your float. This is a precaution only. If you get the salt water in your eyes it will sting - but don't worry, it's not harmful and we have a spray bottle with fresh water and a face towel inside the pod to spray and wipe away. It can be a little difficult to get rid of the salt easily wearing lenses.