What is Floatation Therapy?

With just one float session you will experience deep physical and mental relaxation. Floating in Epsom Salt reduces stress, lifts mood, and gives a boost to the nervous and muscular-skeletal system. While you float your breathing, heart rate, and brain waves slow down, inducing a peaceful, meditative state of mind on the verge of being awake and asleep, while maintaining a level of alertness. Our float tanks contain 1000 litres of water and 600kg of food grade Epsom Salt. The water is heated to skin temperature (35°C) and is denser than the dead sea, meaning floating is effortless.

A normal floatation therapy session lasts 1hr. For the first 10 min, relaxing music is played, then it slowly starts to fade out and all you can hear is your heartbeat and your breathing. You have the option to keep the music playing for the duration of your float.

The water and air temperature in the pod are neutral to skin temperature so you can bar ely feel the water against your skin. Most people prefer to float in total darkness and silence, creating a sensation that is often described as floating in space.

How does it work?

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)

Magnesium & Sulphate deficiencies are common, both of which are absorbed from the water through the skin.Magnesium regulates blood pressure, aids detoxification and lactic acid removal which in turn relieves sore muscles​​

The salt keeps your skin silky smooth, preventing it from going wrinkly & leaves you with a post float glow.

Zero Gravity

Floating reduces pain and promotes the healing of injuries. All pressure is removed from the body due to the buoyancy of the salt water This increases blood flow to every cell in your body and is proven to alleviate symptoms of back/neck pain, tendinitis, arthritis, inflammation, blood pressure and even accelerates lactic acid removal.

Water Temperature

Because the water and air within the pod are the same temperature as your skin, you feel like you are floating on air.The activity of the sensory receptors in your skin diminish and after a short period of time it’s hard to distinguish whether you are in contact with the water or not.

Endorphins & Dopamine

The relaxation response induced by floating promotes the release of neurotransmitters responsible for pain relief & mood enhancement. Leaving you with a sense of wellbeing and euphoria.

Lack of external Stimuli

The uninterrupted environment promotes a state of extraordinary alertness while allowing the body to achieve deep levels of relaxation & introspection. This mental state promotes learning & focus.

Brain Waves

Floating increases the brains production of theta waves, typically only generated briefly before sleep & again at waking. As floaters experience the feeling of weightlessness they quickly enter the theta state accompanied by vivid memories, mental alertness, inspiration, sudden insights & feelings of serenity.

floatation-therapy-1 Floatation Therapy Tank