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Central Coast Float

Our mission is to provide you with affordable relief from physical and mental stress, while providing you with a relaxation experience like no other.

Our unique spa offers Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, and Massage Therapy.




Float prices start from $39.75

Experience ultimate relaxation & rejuvinate your body & mind in our state of the art float pod.

Infrared sauna



Sauna sessions start from $20

Detox your body and boost your immune system in our infrared sauna.




Massage treatments start from $40

Relieve tense and tired muscles and experience deep relaxation.

Price list – We offer competitive prices for our floatation therapy experiences and treatments

Float60 min.$60
3 x Floats ($40 ea)*60 min ea$120
*Valid for 3 months. New clients only.
One per person. Non shareable.

Sharable Floats
3 x Floats ($50 ea)60 min ea.$150
5 x Floats ($45 ea)60 min ea.$225
10 x Floats ($40 ea)60 min ea.$400
20 x Floats ($35 ea)60 min ea.$700
Sharable Float Bundles
Valid for 6 months. 1 person per session.

Infrared Sauna
Sauna30 min$30
3 x Saunas ($26.66 ea)30 min ea.$80
5 x Saunas ($25 ea)30 min ea.$125
10 x Saunas ($20 ea)30 min ea.$200
Valid for 6 months. 1 person per session.

Holistic Therapies
Swedish Massage30 min$40
Swedish Massage60 min$80
Reflexology30 min$40
Reflexology60 min$80
Indian Head Massage30 min$40
Indian Head Massage60 min$80
Reiki30 min$40
Reiki60 min$80
Hot Stone Massage30 min$45
Hot Stone Massage60 min$90
Aromatherapy Massage30 min$45
Aromatherapy Massage60 min$90

Where to

Find Us

Situated on the beautiful Central Coast, we are only 60 minutes from Sydney or 90 minutes from Newcastle

Phone & E-mail

0416 017 313

Opening Times

Bookings by Appointment Only.
Available between 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week


42 Waterloo Avenue, Blackwall, NSW 2256