Float Therapy 

Floatation therapy, also known as floating, involves lying in a purpose-built float pod filled with water and 600 kilos of dissolved magnesium salts, allowing you to float effortlessly.

The water is maintained at the same temperature as your skin, creating a sensation of weightlessness and deep relaxation. This serene environment helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote overall well-being.

Benefits Of Regular Float Therapy


  • Deep Relaxation: Floating helps to calm the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety by promoting a meditative state.
  • Pain Relief: The buoyancy provided by the magnesium-rich water alleviates pressure on joints and muscles, offering relief from chronic pain and tension.
  • Improved Sleep: Regular float sessions can enhance sleep quality by reducing stress hormones and promoting relaxation.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: The sensory deprivation environment allows for clearer thinking and improved focus, boosting creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Detoxification and Skin Health: The high concentration of magnesium supports detoxification processes and can improve skin conditions by reducing inflammation and promoting hydration.

1 hr Float

  • 1 hr Floatation Therapy
  • Towel Provided
  • Private Suite

3 x 1hr Floats (Intro Offer)

  • New clients only, valid for 3 months, non shareable
  • Towels Provided
  • Private Suite

1hr Couples Float

  • 2 people in 1 pod
  • Towels Provided
  • Private Suite